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City Hall Expansion, Dedication and Time Capsule Ceremony

By Alexis Metezier
Released/Published: Feb 10, 2012

The City Hall Expansion and Time Capsule ceremony was held on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. The intention of the ceremony was to provide guests and residents an opportunity to view the expansion and enhancements that were made to City Hall’s historical structure.

Before the ceremony began, guests were invited to view displays of items recovered from the 1960 time capsule as well as items expected to be placed into the future capsule. The 1960 display consisted of several historical artifacts including: blueprints of City Hall’s initial construction, City maps and directories, articles printed by the Canton Repository, a history of Canton Public Schools, a 1960-1961 Municipal Directory, a photo of President Kennedy with Mayor Babcock, a Steelworkers union contract from Timken Co. and many other items representing the year in which the capsule was deposited.

To help enlighten future generations of what existed in 2010, a wine bottle from Canton’s only winery, Gervasi Vineyards, current Canton Repository articles signifying important events in 2010, an additional time capsule that resurfaced during the expansion construction, a Pro Football Hall of Fame souvenir helmet and pin, a photograph of Mayor William J. Healy II with President Barak Obama, the City of Canton and Mayor’s office seal, construction blueprints of the courtyard expansion project, and other items were displayed for viewing before the capsule was sealed until 2060.

The time capsule display viewing and City Hall structure admiration concluded with a welcome speech given by the City of Canton Service Director, Warren Price who briefly presented details about the City Hall Expansion Project and structural differences such as: the plaza courtyard enclosure, the newly composed Council Chambers, enhanced safety features, building leakage repairs, additional restrooms and a Jury assembly area for the Judicial Branch. Price introduced Mayor William J. Healy, who expressed how important it is to retain memories of the year 2010. The Mayor then offered a handwritten letter from himself to the future Mayor of 2060. The time capsule was then sealed by the Mayor with the assistance of Council Majority Leader, David Dougherty, and Price.

Dougherty and Billy Shearer, the Ironworker Union President, brought forth a few words to the family of Delbert Sullivan. The most compelling and heartbreaking story that resurfaced during this process was that of Dilbert Sullivan, a native of Fairview, Tennessee who migrated to Canton in 1956. On May 5, 1961, 27 year old Sullivan fell to his death while working on the upper levels of City Hall. To remember Mr. Sullivan, who spent the last moments of his life dedicated to completing Canton’s City Hall, City Officials determined it was appropriate to rededicate the lobby area of City Hall as “The Delbert and Victoria Sullivan Memorial Lobby.”

the delbert and violet sullivan memorial lobby

delbert and violet sullivan


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