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2013 City of Canton Financial Information


  1. City Funds With Narratives:
    The following report provides a list of City Funds and a brief explanation of the purpose of each fund.

  2. Auditor's Certificate of Estimated Resources
    This report identifies the Fund Balance as of Jan. 1, 2013 as well as, the estimated revenue to be received by Dec. 31, 2013.  The Auditor’s Certificate is utilized to define the dollar limit that can be budgeted and spent in each City Fund.

  3. 2012 Appropriations
    This report identifies the permanently adopted budgeted that was submitted by the Mayor and passed by City Council.  Please note that in order for the City to spend any money for any purpose the City Council must first authorize legal appropriations (Budget) in order
    for departments to have a legal Budget to work from.

  4. Certificate and Appropriation Comparative
    This report compares the Auditor Certificate to the Legally Adopted appropriations and provides the Unappropriated balance. The unappropriated balance represents the amount that the City has available to spend in a specific fund and has yet to identify a specific purpose for which this money will be spent.

  5. Year to date Cash Balance
    This report indicates the actual cash on hand in each fund as of January 1, 2013. In addition you will see the Year to date revenue, expenditures and present cash balance. The Cash Balance represents balances as of the Date and Time reflected on this report.

  6. General Fund - Revenue by Account Detail
    This report provides estimated revenue projections and actual revenue received in the General Fund. The revenue is broken down into categories and identified by revenue type.

  7. Outstanding Debt Schedule - This report details the City's outstanding loans and bonds.



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