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City of Canton Boards and Commissions


In addition to serving as a member of many boards and commissions in the City of Canton, the Mayor also makes appointments to them.  Below is a list of all Boards and Commissions in the City of Canton.  If you have a question regarding the information listed here, please contact the Office of the Mayor at (330) 438-4300.

Membership Application

Please fill out the following questionnaire if you are interested in serving on a board.

Board and Commission Application

City of Canton Boards and Commissions

Upcoming EventsToday: Wednesday, 6/19/2019
June 19 Canton Community Improvement Corporation
June 19 Construction Board
June 20 Fair Housing Commission
June 24 Board of Health
June 25 Parks Commission
June 26 Income Tax Board of Review
July 2 Architectural Review Board
July 9 Fair Employment Practices Board
July 9 Planning Commission
July 9 Board of Building Appeals
July 10 Systems Planning Board
July 16 Architectural Review Board
July 16 Board of Zoning Appeals
July 17 Canton Community Improvement Corporation
July 17 Investment Board
July 17 Construction Board
July 18 Fair Housing Commission
July 22 Board of Health
July 23 Parks Commission
July 31 Income Tax Board of Review
August 6 Architectural Review Board
August 13 Fair Employment Practices Board
August 13 Planning Commission
August 13 Board of Building Appeals
August 15 Fair Housing Commission
August 20 Architectural Review Board
August 20 Board of Zoning Appeals
August 21 Canton Community Improvement Corporation
August 21 Construction Board
August 26 Board of Health

Updated 4/8/2016

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