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Keep street drains clear to avoid flooding
By James DiMarzio
Released/Published: Jun 15, 2009

Most commercial and residential streets throughout the City of Canton enjoy the benefit of a public drainage system.  Drainage systems are composed of a network of underground drainage pipes that allow for rainwater to be transported to an open ditch or a receiving stream. 

These drainage systems, both large and small, keep our road surfaces free from standing water during rainstorms.  The most visible part of our drainage system is the catch basin, which is generally found near the edge of the road or in the curb line.  Catch basins allow for the surface water to enter into the drainage system during a rain event.

Accumulation of debris – especially due to grass clippings, fallen leaves and roadway grit, can cause rainwater to back up at these locations.   If you see that a catch basin is blocked or obstructed, please contact the Collection Systems Department at
(330) 489-3031 for inspection and repair.


Contact Information: (330)489-3031

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