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The Office of Communications produces marketing efforts and creates advertising to ensure that the city's limited resources are used effectively to convey the City's message.  By utilizing print publications, electronic media (TV/radio/Internet), public events, and outdoor advertising (banners, billboards, etc.), we hope to spread the word about the many valuable programs and services offered by the City of Canton to residents and visitors.

Recycle Marketing Package


The Office of Communications is responsible for all city-wide marketing efforts (like the Canton Curbside Recycling initiative - pictured above).  In addition, marketing assistance may be provided to private or non-profit organizations and groups for special projects which are determined to be of benefit to the entire city.  To request marketing assistance (for example, city employee e-mail blasts, Web site advertisements, assistance with promotional design, etc.), please contact the Office of the Mayor at (330) 438-4307.


If you are an organization or publication that would like to sell or otherwise offer an advertisement to the City of Canton or the Mayor, please send an e-mail to with all relevant details (including rate card information).  Please include your full contact information (including name and telephone number) to receive a response.

Typically, the City restricts its advertising to legal notices for contract bids and display advertisements in economic development trade publications.  Nevertheless, all requests will be reviewed and considered equally upon submission.

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