Mayor's Proclamations and Event Requests

ONLINE Proclamation/Event Request


Canton residents may request a letter of recommendation or Mayoral proclamation to commemorate a special event or to honor an individual for a notable achievement. Because all letter/proclamation requests go through an internal review and approval process, we ask that you submit your request no less than three weeks from the date the proclamation is needed. Any request submitted less than three weeks before the date needed is not guaranteed to be completed before your deadline.

Letters of Recommendation can be requested for any number of causes. Typically, these include: grant applications, school applications, and other similar causes. As with proclamations, we reserve the right to decline any request for Letters of Recommendation for any reason.

Proclamations may be issued for civic celebrations, commemorative days/weeks, non-profit organizations, and significant events with historical and/or unique importance to the citizens of Canton. Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the city may also be presented with proclamations. We reserve the right to decline any proclamation request for any reason.

If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event your organization is hosting, please know that all scheduling requests must be submitted in writing. You may fax your invitation at (330) 489-3282, or directly email us by filling out an invitation form using the link above.

How to Request a Letter/Proclamation

In order to make sure your letter/proclamation is completed correctly and on time, we ask that you submit the following information:

  • The purpose of the letter/proclamation (i.e. school application, Bulldog Day, High School Football Week, etc.)

  • The individual, agency, or organization requesting the letter/proclamation (i.e., Joe Smith, Stark Metropolitan Housing Agency, Market North Neighborhood Association, etc.)

  • If at an agency or organization, the contact person who is responsible for the request. (Including name, address, daytime phone number and e-mail).

  • The date the letter/proclamation is needed. If a proclamation will be presented at a special awards ceremony or other event, we recommend that you set your due date well in advance of the special event to ensure that it is completed on time.

Obtaining Your Completed Letter/Proclamation

Requests that have been submitted three or more weeks from the due date will be ready for pick-up 48 hours prior to the deadline established by the applicant in the proclamation request form. This is to allow for any changes or corrections that may be needed prior to the official deadline.

Letters/proclamations may be picked up in person on the 8th floor of City Hall, which is located at 218 Cleveland Avenue SW in Canton. In special circumstances, the Mayor's Office may mail a proclamation to the requesting individual/organization. If the Mayor will be attending the event at which you are presenting the proclamation, he will bring the proclamation with him and personally present it to the recipient.


If you have any questions during the request process, please call (330) 438-4300 well in advance of the submission deadline. Office staff are available to answer your questions during regular business hours, and can often help you avoid delays in the processing of your request.

Previous Proclamations

October 2014

Trinity Gospel Temple

April 2014

GlenOak Top 25 - Ashlee Wertz

GlenOak Top 25 - Mickaela Hill

GlenOak Top 25 - Vanessa Chen

GlenOak Top 25 - Emily King

GlenOak Top 25 - Mackenzie Torcasio

GlenOak Top 25 - Caileigh Wilgus

GlenOak Top 25 - Matthew Haynam

GlenOak Top 25 - Jacquelyn Wilgus

GlenOak Top 25 - Alexandra Lipster

GlenOak Top 25 - Susan Franz

GlenOak Top 25 - Ericka Erickson

GlenOak Top 25 - Austin Ryan

GlenOak Top 25 - Cyril Harfouche

GlenOak Top 25 - Alexandra Russell

GlenOak Top 25 - Nathan Adelman

GlenOak Top 25 - Morgan Steinbach

GlenOak Top 25 - Brooke Hisrich

GlenOak Top 25 - James Imhoff

GlenOak Top 25 - Susan Lipster

GlenOak Top 25 - Logan Bailey

GlenOak Top 25 - Ryan Balash

GlenOak Top 25 - Mitchell Fete

GlenOak Top 25 - Kaleb Thomas

GlenOak Top 25 - Mason Fowler

GlenOak Top 25 - Morgan McLaughlin

February 2014

100th Anniversary of Chamber of Commerce

National Day of Prayer

National YouthBuild Day

RJ Van Almen Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame

Ryan Hannan Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame

Stephen Woolbert Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame

William Buell Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame

December 2012

Brown Mackie College Graduate Letter

November 2012

Eric Nuzum Day

October 2012

Community Legal Aid Services 60th Anniversary

Malone University Presidential Inauguration

Quota International

St Haralambos 100th Anniversary

Ingrid Michaelson Day

Ted Heck: 2012 Fireman of the Year

John Sabo: 2012 Fireman of the Year

St. Haralambos Church: 2012 Man of the Year

Ohio Military Family Connections

September 2012

Black, McCuskey, Souers & Arbaugh 90th Anniversary

Canton Negro Oldtimers Enshrinee

Carl Jordan: 2012 Fireman of the Year

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