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Request for Proposals - Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
By Lori Stokes
Released/Published: Jul 2, 2009



Analysis of Impediments

to Fair Housing Choice


Alliance, Canton, Massillon,

and Stark County Fair Housing Offices




The purpose of this invitation is to obtain the services of a consultant firm, hereinafter referred to as “Consultant”, to perform a service for the Alliance, Canton, Massillon, and Stark County Fair Housing Offices, hereinafter referred to as “ACMS Consortium”.  The ACMS Consortium is seeking qualifications and proposals from consultants interested in producing the HUD mandated Analysis of Impediments (“AI”) to fair housing choice.  The AI shall be conducted in accordance with the necessary requirements and guidelines under the Federal Regulations.  The analysis will be used to evaluate, monitor, address, and resolve Fair Housing issues.


The regional housing market is the same for the cities and the county.  Therefore, this is a coordinated effort by the ACMS Consortium to have one AI produced to include the cities of Alliance, Canton, Massillon, and Stark County.  The ACMS Consortium are jointly advertising the Request for Proposals (RFP), jointly making the selection, and jointly covering the cost of the AI.




The ACMS Consortium receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership funds within their perspective jurisdictions.  Both CDBG and HOME funds are regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The funding made available to ACMS Consortium for the AI is received under the CDBG Program, and therefore, are subject to regulations under Title 24 of the Code of Federal Regulations.


As the recipient of federal CDBG and HOME dollars, the ACMS Consortium are required to take steps to affirmatively further fair housing as part of the obligations it assumes when it accepts these funds.  As part of these efforts, the government entities must complete a comprehensive AI to fair housing.


The Purpose of the AI is to:

¬       Serve as the substantive, logical basis of Fair Housing Planning and

¬       Provide essential and detailed information to policy makers, administrative staff, housing providers, lenders, and fair housing advocates


An AI involves:

¬       A comprehensive review of the jurisdiction’s laws, regulations, and administrative policies, procedures, and practices;

¬       An assessment of how those laws, etc. affect the location, availability, and accessibility of housing, services, commercial and retail development; and

¬      An assessment of conditions, both public and private, affecting fair housing choice in areas of low and high opportunity.


Impediments to Fair Housing choice are:

¬       Any actions, omissions, or decisions taken because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin which restrict housing choices or the availability of housing choices and

¬       Any actions, omissions, or decisions which have the effect of restricting housing choices or the availability of housing choices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin.




Consultants are asked to describe the tasks required to successfully carry out the Scope of Services outlined below. However, Consultants may include additional services that the Consultant is capable of providing and which, in the Consultant’s opinion, would enhance the implementation of the proposed Scope of Services.  The Analysis will encompass all jurisdictions covered by the ACMS Consortium.  The Analysis must include the following elements:


a.                  An examination of pertinent data including demographic, income, employment and housing data as well as studies that have been completed that relate to fair housing.


b.                 A review of prior and current activities that promote fair housing, including an assessment of agencies currently providing fair housing programs in the area.


c.                  An examination of private market issues that relate to the sale or rental of housing, the provision of brokerage services, mortgage lending, insurance sales and underwriting, property appraisal and property management.


d.                 An evaluation of public policies and practices which affect the provision of fair housing including but not limited to public services, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations, planning and zoning laws and decisions, land use regulations, community development funding policies and practices in areas of low and high opportunity, procedures and practices of the local public housing authority and property tax policies including, but not limited to tax exemptions.


e.         Identification of impediments to fair housing listed in order of priority with proposed methods of corrective actions to address identified impediments. 


f.          The following are expected to be completed as a part of the Scope of Services:


·        Identify the public meetings needed in the endeavor of gathering information and the potential groups needed to participate.  The Consultant will be responsible for preparing agendas, handouts, and other presentation materials as appropriate as well as maintain notes and results of each public meeting.


·        Provide a draft of the AI report in progress for review and comment by ACMS Consortium prior to submission of final document.


·        Provide four (4) hard copies of the final AI report.  Provide four (4) copies on a compact disk (one for each entity).





            An original proposal and four (4) copies shall be submitted.  Proposals should:


a.         Describe the approach and methodology the Consultant will employ in carrying out the work described in Section III;


b.         Include any services the Consultant may require from the ACMS Consortium to perform the work described in the proposal;


c.         Provide a description of the Consultant’s background, qualifications and experience, and the background and qualification of the staff to be assigned to the project;


d.         Provide at least three (3) references within the last two years of past clients with similar Scope of Services conducted and the time frame to complete each of the client’s projects;


e.                  Provide the timing and schedule of work to be performed, with a completion date for this project; and


f.          Provide an all-inclusive fee to complete the AI, as described within this RFP.


Proposals must be submitted by July 31, 2009 by 5:00 pm to the Office of Compliance, 218 Cleveland Ave. SW, 5th Floor, Canton, OH 44702.





a.         Applicants receiving a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be asked to submit to the City of Canton Office of Compliance by 5:00 pm, July 31, 2009 their proposal for these services, following the requirements set forth in Section IV.


b.         An informal interview (via phone or in person) may be scheduled, for additional information relating to the Consultant’s proposal.


c.         The ACMS Consortium Directors will make recommendation to their perspective Boards, if applicable, based on the best evaluation and negotiation of best price.



Request for additional information and questions regarding the RFP or the AI should be directed to Corey Minor Smith, Director of Compliance for the City of Canton at 330-438-4137 or via email at



Contact Information: Corey Minor Smith

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