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canton city council

Canton City Council 2016-2017
Back Row (left to right):

Jason Scaglione (Ward 3), Corey Minor Smith (At Large), Frank Morris (Ward 9), Greg Hawk (Ward 1), Pete Ferguson (Ward 8), Bill Smuckler (At Large), Robert Fisher (Ward 5), John Mariol (Ward 7), Nate Chester, III (Ward 2)
Front Row (left to right):
Kevin Hall (Ward 6), James Babcock (At Large), Allen Schulman (President), Chris Smith (Ward 4)

Canton City Council is the legislative body of City government, comprised of elected officials who assemble for the purpose of adopting measures of municipal law.

The City of Canton is divided into nine (9) wards. Each ward elects one member to represent the ward, along with three Councilmembers-At-Large. City Council therefore, consists of twelve members.

In addition to having the authority to enact legislation, ward councilmembers represent the specific interests of the citizens in their respective wards. Council members-At-Large, represent the interests of all residents of the city without regard to ward location.

The Council President is elected city-wide and is the Presiding Officer at all regular and special meetings of Council, but has no authority to vote except in the case of a tie vote on any issue. In case of a tie, the President's right to vote is optional and not mandatory.

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City Council News

Honor our nation's flag by practicing proper etiquette
By Cynthia Timberlake
Posted: Jun 15, 2009

The American flag means many things to many people. It symbolizes the freedom to make our own decisions, the ability to choose the paths we wish to take, the opportunity to follow our dreams, and so much more. As you see the stars and stripes displayed around town, or if you wish to fly your own flag, keep in mind these rules that will help to properly show your patriotism to our nation.

- When the flag of the United States is displayed from a staff projecting horizontally or at an angle …

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