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CCIC approves loans to create 18 new jobs at two Canton companies
CND Machine and Cleveland Oak will each receive $25,000 low-interest loans

By Adam Herman
Released/Published: Apr 2, 2008

CANTON, Ohio – Mayor William J. Healy II announced Wednesday that the Canton Community Improvement Corporation (CCIC), which he chairs as Mayor, has approved two low-interest loans to area businesses to either relocate or expand within the City of Canton. 

“These two businesses have a history of providing quality jobs that pay a living wage to Canton residents,” Healy said.  “By giving these companies a boost, we are ensuring that they will remain here for years to come.  I'm happy we were able to make this wise investment in their future.”

The two projects will collectively bring 18 brand-new jobs to the city over the next three years, in addition to retaining 50 existing jobs in the City of Canton.

CND Machine, Inc. is a project welding and steel fabrication business with existing facilities in Massillon and Perry Township.  CND builds large fan housings, duct work, and custom machinery for the heavy steel equipment, power plan, and engineering industries.  The funds awarded by the CCIC will be used to relocate equipment and renovate the company's new plant located at 706 E. Tuscarawas Street.  This loan will allow CND to create 15 full-time jobs in the next two years, adding to its current staff of 37.

Cleveland Oak, Inc. is a parts manufacturer that focuses primarily in the automotive industry.  This family-owned business has been located in downtown Canton for over 50 of its 91-year history, and produces various auto parts including brake shoes, transmission parts, and vibration controls.  The loan  awarded by the CCIC will enable Cleveland Oak, Inc. to retain 13 full-time jobs in Canton, as well as to create 3 full-time jobs within three years.

Representatives of both companies were present to provide information concerning their applications, and expressed their appreciation of the City's financial assistance for helping them expand and grow their businesses here in Canton.

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