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City Engineering - Capital Improvement Projects

Current Projects Under Construction

Project #/
Bid DateContractorBid  AmountBid Tab
G.P. 1217
Overbrook Avenue NW Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Project  

G.P. 1160
12th St. NW Bridges Replacement Project, PID 90671 Request For Statement of Qualifications


GP1160 RFS.pdf

GP1160 Plans.pdf

G.P. 1222
2015 City Paving Program

5/22/15 Northstar Asphalt, Inc. $1,010,849.40 GP1222 Bid Tab.pdf
G.P. 1114 Allenford Drive SE - Stream Bank Restoration and Sewer Repair 2/11/15 Lockhart Concrete Co. $2,116,888.00

GP1114 Bid Tab.pdf

G.P. 1142 Faircrest Sanitary Sewer Project 8/15/14 Lockhart Concrete Co. $781,837.00 GP1142 Bid tab.pdf  
G.P. 1103 Mahoning Rd. Ph. 1
5/15/14 Wenger Excavating, Inc. $6,625,662.48 GP1103 Bid Tab.pdf  
G.P. 1098 12th St. N. Corridor
6/27/14 Central-Allied Enterprises, Inc. $16,446,089.35 GP1098 Bid Tab.pdf  


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Bid Documents




Projects in Planning Phase


G.P. 1160 12th St Bridge & Roadway Reconstruction Project

      Public Meeting Invitation

      Project Plan View

      Proposed Bridge View

      Proposed Trail Underpass View

      Bridge Alternatives Evaluation Report


G.P. 1098 12th St. N. Corridor Project

Public Meeting Invitation

Public Comment Form (.pdf) (.doc)

Preliminary Plans (More detailed plans will be provided at public meeting) 

Overall Phasing Map for 12th St./Mahoning Road Corridor Improvement Project


STA 30-18.35

TRAC Project Application


Environmental Impact





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