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Creating Canton's First Nature Preserve

Photo Credit: Adam Herman

PHOTO: Engineering employee Dan Millsap points to progress made at the nature preserve
By Daniel J. Moeglin
Released/Published: Jun 15, 2009

Following the widespread flooding that occurred in Canton back in 2003, a project to construct a storm sewer along 30th St. NE from Harmont to Millvale Rd. was initiated. As the project entered final design, we recognized that we had to somehow detain the excess storm water in a central location and allow it to drain off slowly so as to prevent downstream flooding. 

When we found a space of land that would suit our needs for this purpose, we met with the owner to discuss purchasing ten acres of land.  Instead of just ten acres, however, the owner decided to sell us his entire 57-acre parcel for a reasonable price – creating what will now be known as the Fairhope Nature Preserve.

With so much extra land at our disposal, a simple storm sewer project evolved into a roadway reconstruction, trunk sewer, and retention basin project. A retention basin is a pond that holds water all the time but fills to a higher level during a storm after which the water slowly recedes to its original level.  This basin will be the focal point of our new nature preserve and will help in preventing flooding throughout the city.

In addition to its practical functions, this new area will provide residents with recreational opportunities like fishing, hiking, biking, and other similar outdoor activities. The preserve will provide environmental benefits like reduced flooding, improved water quality, and the protection of wetlands, flood plains, and wildlife. 

The construction of the sewer, roadway, and basin began in 2008 and will be finished this fall. If you have questions about one of Canton’s newest treasures, please call our offices at (330) 489-3381.

Contact Information: (330)489-3381

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