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Public Events

If you are requesting to block roads, use a city space, or host a neighborhood block party, the form below must be completed in full.

If you are hosting a neighborhood block party with road closures, the petition below must be signed by all neighbors affected by the road closures.

If you would like to hang a banner over the 1000 block of Market Ave. N. or the Market Ave. Skywalk, the form below must be completed and returned.

If sound amplification equipment is going to be used during an event, a Sound Variance form must be completed and returned. To obtain this form, please call the License Bureau at (330) 489-3268.

The appropriate form(s) above should be printed out, filled in, and returned to the Mayor's office (City Hall, 8th Floor). Please note that events will not be approved until all paperwork has been returned.

Feel free to view the current list of Public Events!

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