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Know your rights - discrimination can take many forms

By Corey Minor Smith
Released/Published: Jun 15, 2009

Canton residents may sometimes find themselves in uncomfortable workplace situations in which they are unaware of their rights. Too often, unacceptable conduct gets swept under the rug or ignored because people don’t know how to properly address the situation. Being familiar with your rights and knowing how to protect them will ensure your peace of mind – both in the workplace and in the home.
•    You have the right not to be treated differently because of your sexual orientation
•    You have the right not to be turned away from a job opportunity because of your disability
•    You have the right not to be pushed out of a job because of your age
•    You have the right to work free from racial and sexual harassment
•    You have the right to practice your religion of choice

If you feel that your rights have been violated, the City of Canton’s Office of Compliance is here for you.  You have the right to file a complaint regarding allegations of unlawful discrimination by your employer without retaliation. We present complaints to the Fair Employment Practices Board for claims of discrimination based upon age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion and/or sexual orientation. For more information, or if you feel your rights have been violated in the workplace, call (330) 438-4137.

Contact Information: (330)438-4137