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Drainage improvements help neighborhood streets

By James DiMarzio, Superintendent
Released/Published: Dec 25, 2009

The repair of buried sewer, water, and drainage lines is an important part of maintaining trouble-free service to Canton residents.  To accomplish these repairs, city streets must be blocked off and torn up for one reason or another – much to the dismay of those residents and businesses nearby.  These repairs are likely to continue through the beginning months of 2010.

It should be noted that – if not for these short-term disruptions – city residents and business owners could expect to experience a number of unpleasant disruptions either inside or outside their home or business as lines deteriorate and give way.  Given the fact that most city streets have these lines and many are either approaching or aging beyond their recommended lifespan, this type of work is likely to continue well into the foreseeable future.

Luckily, these repairs do pay off in the end for those affected.  Residents are often impressed with how water drainage repairs improve their neighborhoods once completed – as snow and slush begins to melt toward the end of winter, streets and front yards that had once been flooded are now dry and ready for spring.

If your neighborhood is experiencing serious drainage issues, major construction may not be necessary – the Collection Systems Department (CSD) provide crews to inspect, clean and repair sanitary sewers year round.  While some situations do require major work, many can be solved with a simple cleaning. 

Is your neighborhood having drainage problems?  Contact the Collection Systems Department at (330) 489-3031 to schedule an appointment with one of our drainage specialists.

Contact Information: James DiMarzio - (330) 489-3031