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Canton officials roll out red carpet for shale industry players

By Dan Shingler
Released/Published: May 22, 2012

Cleveland can have its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Canton aims to be the capital of a whole different kind of rock--the energy-rich Utica shale--and the city south of Akron that for decades has been economically off key suddenly is pickin' and grinnin.'

Even those leading the charge can't keep up. Although they can list quite a few newly arrived businesses. officials at the city and the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce don't know exactly how many shale gas-related companies already have set up shop in and around Canton. Businesses sometimes pop up before city and chamber representatives even know they're looking for space, officials say. 

But, no one is complaining, because the businesses sill are coming, and there is plenty of prospecting left to do among other companies looking for a place to land atop the Utica shale.

"From an economic development standpoint, it's like drinking from a fire hose," said Canton Mayor William J. Healy II. Read more