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OPW- 37th St. Improvement Project
City of Canton receives grant totaling $1.5 Million from Ohio Public Works Commission

By Michelle Renee Chyatte
Released/Published: Feb 11, 2013

CANTON, Ohio — 

Mayor William J. Healy II has announced that the City of Canton will receive a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission totaling $1.5 million which will be used for the project entitled 37th Street NW Water, Sanitary & Roadway Improvements.

Mayor Healy stated, “We are excited about the many ways this improvement will aide in moving Canton forward and the positive impact of this project on the City.” Improving the overall infrastructure of the area remains a high priority for the City of Canton and through collaborative efforts with the Ohio Public Works Commission, the City will soon benefit from several improvement grants. Last week, two additional projects were announced: The 12th Corridor Improvement Project and the 41st Street N.W. Storm Sewer Improvement plan totaling $1.95 million.

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