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It's been a great riding season in Stark County, but now that it's getting colder we want to let you know that the BikeSmart will be hibernating soon for the winter months. We'll reach out to you again at the first signs of spring to announce our reopening date. We want to thank everyone who participated in BikeSmart for a great first season. Since its launch in June, the program saw over 3,000 rides and 900 active users! On behalf of Canton Parks and Recreation, Stark County District Library and Stark Parks, thank you for making the season such a success.  We're looking forward to another season of providing you the most fun, fast, and convenient way to get around Stark County. Thanks for riding with us!
BikeSmart Stark County & The Zagster Team


What is BikeSmart?

Stark County District Library is teaming up with Stark Parks and Canton Parks and Recreation to launch BikeSmart, a new bike share network for Stark County. Soon you'll be able to spot BikeSmart bikes cruising around town by their bright red paint job.

You may have seen fee-based bike shares in Columbus or Cleveland, but BikeSmart has a unique twist. You can already check out books, CDs, and more at the library for free, so why not bikes? All Stark County District Library card holders can use the BikeSmart network for FREE, just stop into your local library branch before your first ride to set up your account! Visitors to Stark County and other non-card holders will still be able to rent a bike with a credit card for the usual hourly fee.

Whether you want to check out a bike for a trail ride, a trip to the farmer's market, or just to run errands, BikeSmart has six convenient hubs located throughout Stark County [map]: