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Want a greater commitment to care for a park you love?  Many organizations choose to Adopt a Park.  Please read the guidelines below and if you would like to Adopt A Park, contact our office by email or phone!  


Adopt-A-Park Program Guidelines

The Canton Parks Adopt-A-Park program is designed to allow neighborhood associations, local businesses, schools, and other volunteer organizations to take an active role in the preservation and development of Canton Parks. Upon signing the Adopt-A-Park Agreement and Waiver, the volunteer group will work closely with Canton Parks to establish which of the following items will be provided by the group:

- Weeding
- Fertilizing
- Mulching
- Leaf/Branch Removal
- Litter Control

Canton Parks will also accept financial donations in lieu of these services if the group is unable to provide sufficient labor or manpower to complete items on the previous list. Any desired projects above and beyond the listed items above must be approved by the Canton Park's administration. Some of these items will include the following:

- Planting
- Landscaping
- Tree/Shrub Removal
- Additional suggested projects and improvements at the group's request

In return for these services and/or donations, the group will receive the following considerations:

- Free park shelter rental for group picnics or other organizational purposes
o One annual rental per group
- Adopt-A-Park signage acknowledging the group's program participation