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Update June 17, 2015 Meeting
Great turnout for our public meeting regarding the Skate Park.  View the powerpoint and please contact us if you have any questions.   


Read about THE URBAN GRIND - SKATEPARKS:  Neighborhood Perceptions and Planning Realities


Update April 14, 2015:
Another great meeting last night!  The conceptual design recommended by the Canton Skateboard Association and the Parks Administration was shared at a public meeting.   


Update March 5, 2015:
Thank you for attending the public meeting last night regarding a site location for a skatepark. View the powerpoint from the meeting.  The Canton Lincoln Highway Station was chosen with overwhelming support. We will continue to work with Canton Skateboard Association, a chapter of Public Square Group, on the project. We will announce a public meeting for April. In the meantime, please consider sending an email to us at with the following information to sign up for the skatepark email list: Name, Address, Phone #, and Date of Birth OR create an account on our software and check the box for the skatepark subscription list! 


Update January 29, 2015: 
Approximately 60 people gathered to review proposed sites.  See the Powerpoint from the meeting showing the potential locations.   Everyone is welcome to share their preferred site by submitting the ranking form to Canton Parks by Monday, February 9th.  We have requested volunteers to work on a committee to represent the Canton Skate community.  Public Square Group has offered to assist in the coordination.  If you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity, please contact Vince at Public Square Group ( .  The next meeting is Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at the Canton Garden Center at 5:00pm.  


Update January 7, 2015:
Thank you to everyone who submitted a Skatepark Site Nomination. There were less than 10 sites nominated so we do not need a vote to narrow the list down. We will discuss and evaluate the sites at our next meeting on Wednesday, January 28th at 5:00pm. The meeting will be held at the Canton Garden Center in Stadium Park which was previously unavailable due to a floor renovation.


Update from Dec. 3, 2014 Meeting: 

Thank you to everyone who came to our meeting.  Over 80 people attended as well as our guest, Vince Franz, from Public Square Group.  The next step is to nominate a property that you believe would be ideal for a new skatepark.  Nominations should be emailed to: with the subject line:  Skatepark Site Nomination.  Nominations can be made until January 2nd.  A survey will be available after January 7th to vote on the nominations to see what is most popular.  These sites will be discussed at our next meeting on January 28th.  

See the powerpoint from the meeting.  


Several individuals contacted Canton Parks to discuss the skatepark in summer 2014. This included Councilman Hawk, Tristan Steponovich, Alex Looby, Shane Converse. A meeting was scheduled for an initial discussion for September 24, 2014 by Arcade Cony's Hot Dogs. Expecting a meeting with about 6 individuals, Director Gordon and Office Manager Theresa Gang were pleasantly surprised to see almost 40 people arrive to talk about a skatepark. Councilman Hawk had been in contact with a few of the youth and word spread about the meeting!

Learn more about our progress (PDF).