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Our new reservation system launched for 2015. The new system allows on line credit card transactions and reservations. Payments must be made in full at the time of the reservation both on line and in the office.
Quick Guide for making a shelter reservation on line.  


          Outdoor shelters: $40.00 for residents and $50.00 for non residents.
          Outdoor shelters with kitchenettes:  $50.00 for residents and $60.00 for non residents.  
          Garaux Shelter (on Raff Road): $150.00 for residents and $200.00 for non residents.  
                                  ($200/residents and $250.00/non residents on HOLIDAYS)

          Garden Center (6 hour rental): $150.00 Monday - Thursday, $300.00 Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  
                                 (Holiday rate is $500.00 for 6 hours).  
                                 Each additional hour at the Canton Garden Center: $50.00/hour
                                                                                        $75.00/hour on a holiday

          Garden Center Outdoor Zones:  $50.00/hour (minimum 2 hours)
                                                            $75.00/hour (minimum 2 hours) on a holiday


We continue to make park improvements including keyless entry and access to electric.  Shelters can be rented up to 365 days in advance!  

Some shelters may require key or code access.  These locations include:  Fairhope, Mallonn, Garaux, Stadium #4, Crenshaw #3 and Arboretum #6.   Please be sure to review and print out your permit prior to your event.  If you have a question about your rental during normal business hours, please call our office at 330-456-4521.  If you need assistance and the office is closed, please contact the police non emergency line at 330-649-5800.  They will get in contact with our staff.  Thank you! 

Facility Rental Survey

Reservations are available at the following locations:

38th Street #6
38th Street #7
38th Street #8
Bup Rearick Park Shelter
Crenshaw #1
Crenshaw #2
Crenshaw #3
Fairhope Nature Preserve Shelter
Garden Center
Mallonn Park Shelter
Martindale #1
Martindale #2
Nimisilla #2
Nimisilla Gazebo
Raff Road
Schreiber Park
(Maple #1)
Schreiber Park
(Maple #2)
Stadium #2
Stadium #3
Stadium #4
Stadium #5
Waterworks Park
Weis Park Shelter
Westbrook Park Shelter


CLICK HERE for Shelter Rental Agreement Terms