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Park Map/Descriptions

The map below shows most of the City of Canton's Park Facilities. By clicking the blue link below, you are able to see a map with only parks that have rentable shelters. If you click the same blue link again, you are able to see the locations of all parks.

If you click to see the map with rentable shelters, you are then able to locate the shelters and click on them as well. Once you click on the shelter of your interest, you can click two blue links, directions or more info.

The directions link will give you printable directions to the park.

The more info link will direct you to a new page. This page will allow you to see the park closer on the map, and provide details on the shelter's amenities. Additionally, a calendar will provide dates that are still available to rent that particular shelter.

Show: all parks and facilities, rentable facilities, BikeSmart hubs.

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