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Help keep our water safe and clean for future generations
By Doug Perry, Parks Director
Released/Published: Oct 5, 2009

Generations of Canton and Stark County residents have safely used the John Barker Spring House along Monument Road in Stadium Park as a source for drinking water throughout the years. However, the quality of that water should never be taken for granted.

The Park System's creeks and ponds receive a large quantity storm water runoff. Because this storm water runoff can filter down into the source of the drinking water spring, it’s important for residents to remember that items improperly disposed of today – such as chemicals, animal/yard waste, or even litter – could come into contact with residents via contaminated drinking water at some point in the future.

To keep our community’s water clean, remember the following tips:

• Never dump anything down a storm sewer or a drain.
• Always take used oil to a local quick lube or auto shop for proper disposal
• Always dispose of your pet's waste in a trash can
• Wash your car on your lawn so excess water can be filtered by your grass’s root system. Residents should not let soapy water drain directly into a storm sewer.
• Never dispose of automotive fluids, household chemicals, pesticides, or other chemicals in any way other than as explained on their labels.

• Try to use environmentally friendly products – they often work the same, but are much less damaging to our environment!

Remember that the water you protect today will be there for your children tomorrow. We must act as a community to protect our natural water resources and our drinking water supply – for more information about how you can protect our water, visit

Contact Information: (330)489-3015

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