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Parks named to better reflect local history, neighborhood identity
By Doug Perry, Parks Director
Released/Published: Dec 24, 2009

The Canton Board of Park Commissioners recently approved new names for two city parks.  What was once referred to as Playground D at 25th and Cleveland Avenue N.W. will now be called the E. Jay Welch playground.  A long-serving board member of the Canton Joint Recreation District (1933-1950), Mr. Welch devoted many hours to the development of recreation facilities for the citizens of Canton during a period of financial stress caused by the Great Depression and World War II.  Since the playground was one of the recreational facilities Mr. Welch helped to develop, the Park Board took action to honor his contribution.

Neighborhood association takes charge
Located at 41st Street and Bernard Avenue NW, the park formerly known as Playground F is now called the Bernard Avenue Playground.  Members of the O.U.R. (Opportunity, Unity, and Respect) Neighborhood Association approached the Park Board and asked that the park be given a “real” name.  Working with association representatives, the playground’s new name was suggested and agreed upon by all parties involved.

For more information about the Canton Park District, visit or call (330) 489-3015.

Contact Information: Doug Perry - (330) 489-3015

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