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Crime rate plummets for second straight year

Photo Credit: Staff illustration

By Adam Herman
Released/Published: Feb 9, 2010

CANTON, Ohio — 

Mayor William Healy released statistics on Tuesday that show Canton saw a 19.5% decline in major crimes reported to police in 2009 as compared to the same period in 2008.  This figure, which has been compiled and verified by the Canton Police Department, is the second straight year Canton’s crime rate has experienced a double-digit decline.

“Today is a proud day for the men and women of the Canton Police Department,” Healy said.  “Through their hard work and dedication, our streets are safer than they were last year and a lot safer than they were only two years ago.  Our law enforcement tactics are working, and criminals know it.  Our officers deserve our highest praise for what they have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time.”

Last year’s crime statistics show 6,866 major crimes were reported to the Canton Police Department, a 19.5% drop in major crime from 2008. Of all categories measured, motor vehicle theft, assault, and larceny showed the biggest declines, while robbery and burglaries also dropped substantially. When comparing last year’s statistics to the city’s 2007 statistics, major crime has dropped an astounding 30.5% over the past two years.

Crime in Canton had been climbing steadily since 2000.  In 2004, 9,129 major crimes were reported.  In the following three years, that number steadily increased to 9,615 (2005), 9,820 (2006), and 9,889 (2007).  In 2008, the city saw its first major decline in more than a decade, when crime statistics fell beneath 2004 figures to come in at 8,532. 

Healy said the statistics are an indication that the city’s “zero tolerance” police efforts are having their intended effect.  Funded in large part by a $299,000 federal grant from the Northeast Ohio Violent Crime Consortium (NOVCC), police conducted gang surveillance, drug enforcement raids, illegal gun busts, highway interdictions, arrest warrant sweeps, and patrols of vacant homes as part of the “zero tolerance” policy.

A full record of the crime statistics is attached to this release.  The method used by police to record crime statistics is compliant with FBI Uniform Crime Reporting procedures and was consistently used throughout the time period discussed in the Mayor’s announcement.

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