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Canton Police, State Highway Patrol to join forces this week

By Adam Herman
Released/Published: Jul 22, 2008

Pre-HOF units to aggressively patrol for street crimes, traffic violations

CANTON, Ohio – Mayor William J. Healy II announced Tuesday that the Canton Police Department will be working in conjunction with the Ohio State Highway Patrol this week in an effort to maintain a visible law enforcement presence in the days leading up to the major Hall of Fame Festival Activities.  Their efforts, which will include aggressive enforcement of DUI and traffic laws, will run from Wednesday through Saturday.

“This effort is another great example of what we can accomplish by working together with other law enforcement agencies,” Healy said.  “The State Highway Patrol has committed the necessary manpower and equipment to this effort, and we are grateful for their assistance as we prepare for another great year of Hall of Fame activities.”

In addition to aggressive traffic enforcement, officers from State Highway Patrol and the Adult Parole Authority will be assisting the Canton Police Department in their routine law enforcement activities during the three day period.  Police Chief Dean McKimm said that he hopes to continue partnering with local and regional law enforcement agencies in order to increase the impact of his department's enforcement efforts.

“When we only have so many officers to work with on any given day, it's nice to have extra bodies on the street giving us a hand every now and then,” McKimm said.  “We all have the same goals, so there's no reason we shouldn't work together to make sure those goals are accomplished.”

Canton Police recently worked with over a dozen law enforcement agencies, including the U.S Marshals and the F.B.I., to apprehend 47 individuals who had outstanding arrest warrants.  Of those 47 arrested, 39 were for felony crimes.

McKimm said that he expects 8 to 12 troopers from the State Highway Patrol to be on the streets working with Canton patrolmen at any given time during the four day period.  McKimm also said he anticipates their combined efforts will produce significant results.

“We can't predict how many people will choose to break the law,” McKimm said.  “But when you take into account how many people we catch committing crimes on a day without all the extra support, I think we're going to see a large impact made here when all is said and done.”

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