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Massive crime enforcement effort produces results

Police arrest 39 suspects during four-day operation

By Adam Herman
Released/Published: Jul 29, 2008

CANTON, Ohio — 

CANTON, Ohio – Police arrested 39 individuals for charges ranging from drug possession to drunk driving last weekend in a cooperative effort that saw 51 officers from 3 separate law enforcement agencies patrolling Canton streets over a four-day period.  These statistics, which were released by the office of Mayor William J. Healy II on Tuesday, indicate that the extra police presence felt by many Canton residents last weekend produced significant results.

“Our officers did an incredible job during this operation,” Healy said.  “Thanks to their aggressive policing strategy, Canton residents felt safer traveling on our streets.  We appreciate their hard work, and will continue efforts like these until no criminal feels safe to conduct their business in our city.”

Healy said he has received personal comments and e-mails from residents praising the work done by police during the operation, including one resident who wrote at length about the noticeable change in his neighborhood during the four-day period. 

“This is the type of person we want to protect,” Healy said of the resident.  “This person just wants to live in his neighborhood without the threat of gunfire, drug deals, and prostitution.  Last weekend, he was able to enjoy that thanks to the efforts of our officers.”

Overall, officers issued 97 uniform traffic citations (tickets), and caught 9 individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Drug busts made up a large number of the arrests, with 9 felony charges and 30 misdemeanor charges issued for possession of illegal controlled substances.

“This effort went very well,” said Chief Dean McKimm.  “By collaborating with these other law enforcement agencies, we were able to easily and effectively magnify our impact on the streets.  I look forward to continuing efforts like these to address crime issues in the city.”

A total of 51 law enforcement officers were used during the four-day operation.  Of those 51 officers, 27 were from the Canton Police Department, 15 were from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and 9 were from the Adult Parole Authority.

Federal grant funds paid for about 40% of the operation, with the remaining 60% split between the State Highway Patrol and the Adult Parole Authority.  The State Highway Patrol also provided a patrol helicopter and 12 marked cruisers during the operation at no cost to the city.

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