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Greener Corners in Canton
Greener Corners to Provide Recycling Bins in Canton

By Michelle Renee Chyatte
Released/Published: Nov 26, 2012

CANTON, Ohio — 

Christmas came early to the city of Canton as black bins began to dot the streets, replacing the old trash cans. Greener Corners makes public recycling readily available in public municipalities, universities, shopping centers and other public and private places. The company also strives to build awareness about the importance of recycling upon the environment while raising community revenue without raising taxes.

Greener Corners is planning to distribute recycling bins throughout downtown Canton as well as in some city parks. At no cost to the city, the 40 bins will feature places for advertising, which Aaron Klein of Greener Corners describes as “sponsorships.” Of the 40 bins, approximately 25 will be in the downtown area. The city’s sanitation department will handle the pick-up of all of the bins. Greener Corners is a 100% American owned company with its headquarters located in New Jersey.

The unveiling of the bins will be announced, Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 2 PM on the 8th floor of Canton City Hall.

Contact Information: 330.438.4306,

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