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Fire Station Realignment
Canton City Fire Department Station Realignment

Released/Published: Jan 8, 2016
CANTON, Ohio — 

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2016, the Canton Fire Department will enact the realignment plan concerning Fire Station closures and Fire Company realignment due to budget constraints. These closures will eliminate the previous practice of station closure by rotation.

Additional stations may be required to close, starting with Station #2 located at 415 Belden Ave SE, due to future potential budget constraints. Each of the closed stations will have signage indicating that they are closed and directing constituents to the nearest open station.

The following is a synopsis of the plan that was discussed in Council and further discussed at neighborhood meetings held during the month of December 2015:

     1. Station #5 located at 3701 West Tuscarawas St. will close.

     2. Station #6 located at 2621 Harmont Ave. NE will close.

     3. Station #10 located at 4632 Vernon Ave. NW will close.

The following stations will remain open:

     1. Station #1 located at 110 7th St SW

     2. Station #2 located at 415 Belden Ave SE

     3. Station #4 located at 2502 Cleveland Ave NW

     4. Station #7 located at 1001 O’Jay’s Parkway NE

     5. Station #8 located at 1330 Dueber Ave SW

For more information, please contact Thomas Garra, Battalion Chief of the Canton City Fire Department. 

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