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Water Main Ruptured
Precautionary Boil Alert in Effect for Residents near Westmoreland & Blackburn Roads NW

Released/Published: Mar 15, 2016
CANTON, Ohio — 

A 12-inch water main was ruptured by a contractor during work at the intersection of Westmoreland and Blackburn Roads NW, disrupting service for several hundred residents outside of the city in the neighboring Avondale area. The affected area is bounded by 17th Street NW to the south, Whipple Avenue to the east, Blackburn Road to the north, and I-77 to the east, as illustrated by the map included with this release.

Intermittent disruptions of water service as well as low pressure should be expected in the affected area for several hours during repairs. The Canton Water Department estimates the repairs will be completed by 10:00 PM this evening.

A precautionary boil alert is now in effect for customers in the Avondale area. The Canton Water Department recommends that residents in the affected area take the following steps:

  • Boil tap water for one full minute, then remove from heat and cool prior to consumption or food preparation.
  • After the boil alert has been lifted, flush all home plumbing.

The boil alert is effective immediately and will expire tomorrow evening at 12:00 AM midnight.

The Water Department is currently on scene to complete repairs and will work throughout the evening to resolve the issue.

For additional information, please contact the Canton Water Department, 330-489-3315.

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