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NOTICE: Upcoming City Auction

The Auction is on Saturday 11/18/2017.
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Purchasing Department - Welcome

The Purchasing Department of the City of Canton oversees nearly all procurement duties for the administrative departments of City government.  For more information about the City's procurement process, please email or call:

Director of Purchasing - John M. Highman, Jr.
, (330) 438-4184

Assistant Director of Purchasing - Katie J. Wise
, (330) 438-4185

Bidding/Contract Information

Click Here for Current Bid Information

Qualifying Projects
The City of Canton is required to advertise, receive bids and enter into contract for any item that exceeds $20,000.00.  This process is handled by the Purchasing Department.  All bids estimated to be over $20,000.00 will be listed at the "Click Here for Current Bid Information" link above.  The complete bid packets can be downloaded directly from this website.

The City of Canton also advertises all bids in The Repository, Classified Section.

If an item is purchased by the City, and said item does not exceed $20,000.00, a department is permitted to make the purchase without going through the Purchasing Department.

The items purchased by all City departments are numerous and change frequently.

Cooperative Purchasing Programs

The City of Canton also purchases various items through Cooperative Purchasing Programs.  If the City purchases through one of these contracts, the requirements of competitive bidding are obviated.

One of the main cooperative programs utilized by the City is the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services Cooperative Purchasing Program.  If you wish to obtain information on how you can participate with the State’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, please visit the State's Procurement website:

Vendor Registration
If you have already done business with the City of Canton, or you are a new vendor/contractor looking to do business in the future, it is highly recommended that you fill out and return the Vendor Registration Form.  This greatly increases your chances of being notified when the City posts a bidding or contracting opportunity that matches a Commodity Category your company is registered under.

City of Canton Vendor Registration Form

The City of Canton strives to include certified minority- and woman-owned businesses in the bidding process through its MBE/WBE program.  To learn more about the MBE/WBE program, click here

Board of Control Information

The Board of Control is the body charged with officially awarding a contracts under the authority of the City Administration.  It is comprised of the Mayor, Director of Public Service, and Director of Public Safety.  Unless otherwise noted on the agenda posted at the link below, regular Board of Control meetings are held each Tuesday at 9:00 AM in the City Hall 8th floor conference room.
Current Board of Control Notification and Meeting Agenda

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Canton!

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