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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall

9:00 AM


Ordinance 18/2019

1.     Award and enter into contract with Stanley Miller Construction Company, Inc. in the amount of $648,280.80 for the 3rd St. SE Bridge Reconstruction Project, GP1167.


Ordinance 90/2019

2.     Enter into Change Order No. 9 with Beaver Excavating Company in the amount of $109,682.88 for the 12th St. Bridges Project, GP1160, resulting in a new contract amount of $7,224,891.14.


Ordinance 93/2019

3.     Enter into a professional services contract with CT Consultants, Inc. in the amount of $24,900.00 for the design of the Woodland St. SW Water Main Extension Project.


Ordinance 270/2018

4.     Enter into a three (3) year contract with AT&T Corp. for Centrex phone service that runs through Canton City Hall.


Ordinance 51/2019

  1. Enter into a professional services agreement with Glaus, Pyle, Schomer, Burns & DeHaven, Inc. dba GPD Group in the amount of $192,339.00 for the Preliminary Engineering and Phase I professional design services and plan preparation of the 36th St. NW Storm Sewer & Road Reconstruction Project, GP1270. 
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