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Downtown parking to improve

Photo Credit: Adam Herman

Residents, businesses will benefit

Released/Published: Nov 11, 2008

CANTON, Ohio — 

CANTON, Ohio - Canton City Council has approved a request by Safety Director Tom Nesbitt to increase parking meter rates in the downtown area for the first time since 1984.  The move, which is designed to increase the availability of parking downtown by discouraging all-day parkers, passed in two readings Monday night.

"We have a situation where some downtown employees are parking all day for less than a dollar," Nesbitt said.  "This is hurting our businesses and discouraging residents from coming downtown to conduct their affairs," he continued.

The rate change means that downtown parking rates will increase from 20¢ per hour to 75¢ per hour - placing Canton more in line with other cities across Ohio.  Prior to Council's approval Monday evening, downtown employees could potentially park all day for $2 - a rate much lower than surrounding parking garages that charge from $4 to $6 for an all-day pass.  By filling many prime spaces near businesses and restaurants, this practice effectively deterred residents from coming downtown.

In a move separate from Monday's decision, the Safety Director also increased parking ticket fines from $5 to $10.  Nesbitt said that the old fine structure provided no incentive for downtown employees to follow the rules, as a parking fine would cost the same or less than a day pass in a parking garage.  "By providing a stronger disincentive for habitual offenders, we hope to increase available parking downtown," he said.

For more information about parking rules and penalties, contact the Parking Enforcement Bureau at (330) 438-6169.

Contact Information: Adam Herman - (330) 438-4304 -

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