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City sanitation service suspended for all Friday customers

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Extreme cold prevents trash pick-up, service will resume Tuesday

By Adam Herman
Released/Published: Jan 16, 2009

CANTON, Ohio — 

The Canton City Sanitation Department announced Friday that all sanitation (garbage) pick-ups are suspended due to extreme cold weather until Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

This move is a result of a long-standing Sanitation Department policy that suspends garbage pick-up in extreme cold weather, which is defined as any temperature below –5º F.  Temperatures have ranged from –13º F to 0º F all day.

Garbage pick-up was already scheduled to be delayed on Monday due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday.  Friday sanitation customers will receive garbage pick-up on Tuesday in accordance with the holiday schedule.

Customers with questions are encouraged to call the Canton City Sanitation Department at (330) 489-3020.

Contact Information: Sanitation Department (330) 489-3020


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