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Welcome to the online home of the Streets Department of the City of Canton, Ohio.  The Streets Department works year-round to ensure that the streets of Canton are safe, repaired, and free from major obstructions.

The Streets Department completes regular street repair and maintenance year-round, including regular street-sweeping from March through November.  During the winter months, the department is responsible for salting roads and clearing all major thoroughfares of snow and ice.

In addition to these street-related services, the department is also responsible for general clean-up tasks and litter control throughout the city.  From April through October, the department organizes major litter clean-ups and general beautification projects.  Lastly, the department conducts its annual street-paving program from June through October.  

For more information about a particular function of the department, please look at one of the sections listed to the right.

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Snow and ice frequently asked questions
By Kevin Monroe/Street Superintendent
Posted: Jan 10, 2011

CANTON, Ohio — 

Why is it that every time I shovel my sidewalk, one of your trucks comes along and plows snow back onto it?

The Street Department aims to get the streets cleaned from curb to curb.  By doing this, when we experience winter thaws, the resulting run-off from melting snow more easily drains into the storm sewers along the edges of the street.  Unfortunately, we cannot always accomplish this during our initial plow-back.  In order to meet our objective of curb to curb plowing, we often have to plow a …

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