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City of Canton Street Sweeping Program

The Sweeping Program for the City of Canton is committed to keeping the city streets clean and to keeping debris from entering the city's drainage system. Our goal is to sweep all city streets at least once per year if not more, weather permitting. The sweeping is not set by ward due to their being too small and restrictive, thus not very efficient for such a large sweeping program.

The Canton Street Department does a Sweeping Rotation where the city is separated into four quadrants using the boundaries of Market (east and west) and 12th St NW (north and south). This year we are starting in the Northwest above 12th St NW (Please view the map). We start in a different quadrant each year always going in a clockwise rotation. This way, a different quadrant will be first each year.

sweeping map

Portions of the Quadrants highlighted in Yellow signify areas that have been swept in 2017 to date.

State Routes 30 and 62 are a high priority and will take precedence over the sweeping rotation. On average the highways are swept 5 times per year, taking a week to two weeks to complete. Other exceptions to the aforementioned rotation are the Hall of Fame Marathon in April and the pre-scheduled Ban Litter Clean Up locations.

While every resident or council person in the city needs their street swept, I would like to ask everyone for patience in this matter. If we do not stick to a schedule and pull the sweeping crew off their route every time we receive a request, then our mission of covering every city street will not be possible.

Sweeping Facts:

  • In 2016 Street Department personnel swept over 2,000 lane miles of city streets and highways.
  • 2,444 tons of debris was removed from the roadway surfaces.
  • In 2015 Street Department personnel swept over 1,353 lanes miles of city streets and highways.
  • 3,154 tons of debris was removed from the roadway surfaces.


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