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Facility upgrades continue to improve water service
By Tyler Converse
Released/Published: Jun 15, 2009

The City of Canton is now several months into Phase II of its three-phase water facility renovation project – and so far progress has been going well!  This phase of the project primarily involves the renovation of Canton’s Northwest Water Treatment Plant, which is being gutted and refurbished to handle the future water needs of our city.

Right now, contractors are installing new controls, valves, filters, and electrical components to create a more efficient and reliable water treatment plant.  With these new parts in place, the City will be able to meet Canton’s drinking water needs for the next several decades. 

Once this project is completed, we will begin to look into our water system’s future. Our next concentrated effort will likely fall upon the City’s aging water distribution system, including underground pipes, valves, and storage water reservoirs that deliver water to our customers.  By systematically replacing failing pipe, repairing valves, and reducing water losses, we will be able to operate more efficiently and keep long term cost to our consumers as low as possible. 

Would you like to learn more about the City of Canton’s efforts to improve its municipal water system?  Log on to our Web site at to find out how we’re doing our best to provide top-notch water service at a low cost to Canton residents.

Contact Information: (330)489-3315

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