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Water Department study will cut costs
By Tyler Converse
Released/Published: Oct 5, 2009

The Canton Water Department understands that the community is in the midst of very difficult economic times. The Department itself is not exempt from the impact of the current recession. Home foreclosures and scaled back commercial and industrial production have all played a role. Annual weather cycles also affect water consumption. The relatively cool summer we’ve experienced this year equates to lower water demand and a corresponding reduction in revenue.

Fortunately for Canton’s ratepayers, the Water Department has compensated for these losses by reducing its expenditures. All things considered, we’ve been fortunate to continue to operate under a balanced budget.

Distribution study will help eliminate waste

In an effort to position the Water Department for long-term success, we’ll continue to pursue efficiency while providing safe, high-quality products and services. We are currently in the midst of conducting a leak detection study on a portion of our water distribution pipeline. The information gained from this study will be further used to conduct a comprehensive leak detection program on the remainder of the distribution system next year.

As a result, previously undetected leaks will be identified and repaired, thereby reducing system water loss. The possible net gains in efficiency from this study are significant, offering an estimated cost savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for the Water Department and its customers.

Contact Information: (330)489-3315

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