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Community to enjoy benefits of city water for decades to come
By Tyler Converse
Released/Published: Jun 14, 2011

As we leave another winter behind, i would like to first and foremost thank the dedicated, hard working men and women of the Canton Water Department who kept the water flowing through some of the worst weather conditions that Ohio could muster.  Although few realize what they do and the sacrifices they make, we are all indebted to their service.

Founded in 1869, the Canton Water Department has been Stark County's leading drinking water supplier for 142 years. That being said, the casual observer may believe we have nothing more to learn or accomplish after all that time.  However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Drawing on our own experiences and those of other leading water systems, CWD is working aggressively to improve our department every single day. 

For example, best-business practices such as energy conservation measures, leak detection and systematic replacement of pipes have been implemented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the

The department is also speaking with local business leaders and neighboring communities in an effort to identify and pursue growth opportunities.  As a result, CWD will be positioned for long-term success and sustainability, so that the community may enjoy the benefits of this invaluable local resource for decades to come.   

Once the weather breaks, hydrant and water main flushing will start in earnest.  This effort is designed to maintain a high level of water quality in the system, while minimizing discolored water events. Supplying CWD’s customers with an abundant supply of safe, high quality drinking water is and always will be the
top priority for this department.

Check the city’s website and announcements in the The Repository for when we will be flushing hydrants in your area. Residents may experience temporary low pressure during these times.

Keep in mind that the consumers are the eyes and ears of the department.  If drinking water related problems occur, please contact us immediately. You can reach the Canton Water Department by calling 330-489-3315.

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