I became Canton City Auditor in order to provide the taxpayers of Canton a qualified, dedicated administrator. You can rest assured I will be the watchdog for your tax dollars. As a member of Council, I saw firsthand the need to have timely and accurate financial information in order to make the necessary decisions for the City.

The biggest issue facing our City is finding ways to provide effective city services while continuing to control spending. The City of Canton has come through troubled financial times with adequate cash reserves and a truly balanced budget. The key to continued financial solvency is maintaining reduced staffing levels to control expenditures and providing the necessary environment where businesses will be enticed to move into our city and existing businesses are successful in remaining here.

As Auditor, my primary responsibility is to monitor the City’s $286 million-plus budget in order to guarantee that all revenue and expenditures are performed in accordance with the applicable Federal, State, and Local laws. In addition, I have the responsibility to provide the administration and members of Council with timely and accurate financial information in order to guarantee that when decisions are made, that all parties understand the financial impact of those decisions. I am also responsible for preparing annual financial reports and assisting the Auditor of State in an annual audit. My office prepares an Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), previously Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and a Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) to provide our citizens and administrators with annual financial information.

Finally, by assembling and maintaining a qualified staff I have the opportunity to continue to provide these services with fewer employees than in past years. In addition, I believe we need to utilize our existing financial systems to share electronic information with the treasurer and other departments in order to streamline antiquated paper processes that have existed for centuries. These steps will assure that the Auditor is able to maintain effective and efficient operations in order to deal with any future budget reductions should the need arise. I will continue to streamline all operations in order to guarantee that I am a fiscally prudent administrator while not sacrificing the objectives I have laid out for my staff.

Thank you for visiting the City Auditor webpage. I look forward to serving the citizens of Canton. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by phone at 330-489-3226 or by email.