Permits & Fees

When applying for a zoning permit, make sure that you have a to-scale plot plan showing where the structure will be placed on your property and how far away from the property lines the structure will be.

What You Will Need

  • The correct address where the work is being done
  • The contractor's name, address, telephone
  • The owner's name, address, telephone
  • Know the work you will be performing
  • How far from the property lines the structure will be
  • The fee for the permit
  • For commercial, 8 sets of site plans - if required.


Permitting Process Diagram

City of Canton Permitting Process PDF


Billboard $200
Deck $100
Fence $50
Garage (Over 200 Square Feet) $100
New Single-Family $100
Residential Additions $100
Shed (Up to 200 Square Feet) $75
Sign $100
Swimming Pool $50