Welcome to the online home of the Sanitation Department. Here, you can find information about the City of Canton’s standard weekly trash schedule, learn what is acceptable to place at the curb, and find out how you can ensure that your garbage is picked up every week without delay!

How Much We Service

The Sanitation Department services roughly 24,000 structures in and around the City every week. This amounts to approximately 31,000 tons (62 million pounds) of garbage every year from local residents.

The Weather

Trash collection will take place in all weather, though the crews will not pick up garbage if the temperature falls to dangerous levels. If this happens, we will issue a press release via the City’s website and local media outlets.

Our Services

We have opened some new options for bulk waste removal; here is a list of some of the things we can do for you:

  • 14/15 yard and 20 yard roll off boxes for garbage and construction and demolition debris!
  • 6/8 yard front-load dumpsters for landlords to put set-out or move-out materials. We charge only the standard rate so save money, save time, save the headache and call us at 330-489-3020.
  • 6/8 yard front-load dumpsters for residents that want to clean out a garage, basement, or yard. Again, the cost is extremely cheap.
    6 yard is $120.05
    8 yard is $150.07
    14/15 yard non-construction is $300.14
    14/15 yard (C&D) is $330.50
    20 yard non-construction is $360.16
    20 yard (C&D) is $390.18

Recycle bins for curbside recycling are free and we deliver for free!

Commercial Customers

Are you a commercial customer? We have lowered prices to remain competitive - no fuel surcharges!


Do you think you qualify for a discount on your home service? Go to Canton Utilities where you can get the Homestead Form (PDF) to see if you qualify for a discount on your bill. Call us at 330-489-3020 if you have any questions. We will be happy to serve you!

Recycling Information

You can visit the Canton City Health Department’s webpage to see information about e-Waste, tire (on or off the rim), paper or propane tank recycling. The Health Department works closely with sanitation to effectively minimize landfill waste and reducing costs by promoting recycling and operating the recycling center for the City.