Scope of Services

  • Responsible for tracking and conforming with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality requirements.
  • Responsible for collecting samples required by the Ohio EPA.
  • Responsible for performing water testing per Ohio EPA requirements.
  • Performs water testing for other public and private water systems per request.
  • Acts as a liaison for consumer water quality questions and issues.

Sample Dates & Times

  • Bacteria samples run at 2 pm, Monday through Thursday.
    • Bacteria samples are not accepted any Friday or day before we are closed for a holiday.
  • Nitrate/nitrite samples run at noon, 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Available Testing Services & Price List

Call the Laboratory at 330-489-3035 for details about hold times, analysis times, dates other samples are run, etc.

Coliform / E. coli MMO-MUG

Item Price
Total Coliform / E. coli MMO-MUG $15

Wet Chemistry

Item Price
Alkalinity / Total  $7.50
DPD Meter Calibration $15
Fluoride $7.50
Hardness $7.50
Iron $10
Manganese $10
pH $7.50
Phosphate / Total $15
Sodium $10
Nitrite $15
Nitrate $15