Tips & Tricks

  1. Erosion & Sedimentation
  2. Green Infrastructure
  3. Hazards with Improper Waste Disposal
  4. Salt Usage & Storage
  5. Spills
  6. Storm Sewers Versus Sanitary Sewers

Stormwater runoff causes erosion of waterways such as creeks and ditches, resulting in sedimentation (the deposition of eroded sediment) into waterways, water bodies such as lakes and ponds, and storm sewer systems. Sedimentation of our streams and lakes destroys aquatic life and is considered a stormwater pollutant. Erosion can be reduced by slowing down stormwater runoff. The slower the rate of water runoff, the less erosion and sedimentation that will occur. 

Ground Disturbance

Ground disturbance such as construction sites are typical sources for erosion since the ground within the site is usually torn up. Properly installed silt fence, grass and another ground cover, and other types of practices help to slow down the rate of runoff. Minimizing the amounts of ground disturbance, planting vegetation as soon as construction is complete, and installing mulches are always good practices to help prevent erosion.