Warnings / Alerts

Daily we do see probing of our Web facing servers, as is the case with every server on the internet. So far we have been fortunate that any internet security issues that involve the City of Canton have been few and far between, although in 2019 we have noticed a huge surge in attempts to get into our networks. We do our best to keep our networks and servers secure and to keep up with current security concerns.

If you know of any communication that says it is from the City of Canton but it seems illegitimate, feel free to contact us through this web site or through our Web Master email to verify its authenticity.

Online Security

Remember to always take your online security seriously and be suspicious of any unexpected e-mails, messages, phone calls, or texts that you receive.  Your personal information is very valuable and should be protected by you and by anyone you entrust it to.

To someone with nefarious intentions your personal information has monetary value that they can quickly exploit.  At the same time they can turn your life upside down for weeks or months while you try to undo any of the bad things they have done.