Human Resources

The Human Resources Department of the City of Canton, Ohio is responsible for all major personnel management functions throughout city government. They handle most employee-related responsibilities for the city, including (but not limited to) health benefit administration, record-keeping, and general personnel duties.

In addition, the Human Resources Department also assists the Canton Civil Service Commission in the hiring and promotion of all classified employees within city government.

Employment Opportunities

For those seeking employment with the City of Canton please see instructions below.  

Employment with the City of Canton comes with an array of benefits.  We offer comprehensive health insurance, paid vacations, paid holidays, a retirement plan, sick time, and personal holidays.  Applicants must apply at  Applicants must also submit a valid photo ID along with their application. To be eligible for most positions, applicants must be a US citizen or have legally declared their intention of becoming a US Citizen.   Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and show that they are reliable workers, and must be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D.

Most positions in city government are considered classified, which means that applicants must complete a civil service exam to be considered for the opening.

The City also hires non-classified positions using the link below. These positions could be seasonal or full-time, permanent.

Apply for Jobs

Visit the Government Jobs website to create a profile and apply for jobs at the City of Canton.

Non-Classified Positions

For those seeking employment with the City of Canton in a non-classified position, please contact the Human Resources Department at 330-438-4136. Very few positions in city government are considered non-classified, with the majority of those best described as management positions.

To learn more about the Human Resources Department or if you have questions that are not answered by this page, please contact the HR department at the information located to the right.