May - Spring Cleaning

When it's time for spring cleaning, remember a clean house is a safe house. The Canton Fire Prevention Bureau reminds you that trash, boxes, piles of clothes and other combustibles in the home are fuel for a fire. Getting rid of them will help reduce the chance of fire in your home.

Storing & Storage Areas

When storing heating devices to be used again next winter, make sure electric cords are not frayed or separating. Remember to remove kerosene before storing your kerosene heater. Often overlooked is the electric blanket. Follow the washing, care and storage instructions that come with the blanket.

Clean out storage areas such as garages, attics, closets, sheds, and basements on a regular basis. Even warehouses are limited to the amount of storage they can safely keep. Don't allow areas in your home to become tempting fuel for a fire. Throw away or give away items you are no longer using. Clutter gives fire a place to start and creates obstacles that might prevent escaping safely.

Oily Rags

Oily rags can ignite without a heat source because they produce their own heat. Throw them out or store them in a closed metal container. This includes dusting rags used with a furniture polish or spray.