July - Fireworks Are Dangerous

The National Fire Protection Association reports an average of 10,000 hospital-treated fireworks injuries have occurred in the U.S. over the last several years.


Most fireworks injuries occur around the 4th of July celebration but are not limited to that holiday. Many other holidays, Christmas, New Year's, Labor Day, etc. have fireworks as part of their celebration.

Leave It to the Professionals

How can you use fireworks safely? There are no safe ways. Leave the use of fireworks to the professionals, people who are trained in their proper use. In many areas fireworks are illegal. For the safety of you, your family and friends, obey the law.

Fireworks Are Explosives

The Canton Fire Prevention Bureau reminds you that fireworks are explosives that are unpredictable and can be deadly. The use of Class "C" Fireworks in the state of Ohio is illegal. Leave their use to the professionals.