Police Records

To request copies of a police report or other records—you may go to Incident Report Inquiry, email police.records@cantonohio.gov, or call 330-489-3172. Office hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

About the Records Room

The Record Room is currently staffed by four Administrative Clerks and falls under the Administrative Lieutenant in the Support Services Division. The clerks are responsible for the safe and efficient maintaining of records produced by the Canton Police Department. They collect, file and process these records daily in order to more accurately and expeditiously serve our not only our department but the community as a whole.

Their duties include processing public records requests, taking impound payments, answering phone calls pertaining to records and accepting applications for various licenses needed throughout the city.


The record room collects fees for the dissemination of copies of reports, licensing, impounds and other purposes that are requested by the citizens and ensure that all of these transactions are recorded. The fees for these requests are set by City Council as apart of a city ordinance.

Incident & Accidents reports: .10 a page in person/free online
Accident reports through the mail: $2.00 with a self-addressed stamped envelope
Arrest copies: $1.00 each
Calls for Service: $1.00 each
Citations: $1.00 each
Background Checks: $1.00 each
Call Log’s for an address: $1.00 a page
Accident Photos sent on a temporary link: $5.00
Other media storage devices: Actual cost of storage