Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit assists in the investigation of criminal cases. These cases include criminal acts against both adult and juvenile persons, as well as property such as homes, businesses, and motor vehicles. In many cases, the evidence collected by the Crime Scene Unit is essential to the apprehension and prosecution of criminals who commit acts within city limits.

A Multitude of Functions

While the main function of the Crime Scene Unit is to collect and process evidence left at the scene of a crime by criminals, the Crime Scene Unit performs a multitude of functions within the Department, including criminal background checks for outside agencies and residents. Members of the Crime Scene Unit are also responsible for registering all felons released from prison living within the city.

AFIS System

In cooperation with the Stark County Crime Lab, an AFIS System is housed in the Detective Bureau. This system is used to match latent fingerprints at crime scenes to unknown suspects. With the use of this system as well as the use of DNA, the Crime Scene Unit links suspects with crimes they committed.

Get in Touch

To have questions answered, please call the Police Department's main line at 330-489-3100.