K-9 Unit

About Us

The Canton Police Department Canine (K-9) Unit has proven to be a great asset to the Law Enforcement community of the greater Canton community.

The purpose of a professional police canine is to reduce the jeopardy to the Police officer and to better enforce the laws of the community. The canine is a psychological deterrent to the lawbreaker, but at the same time, the canine must develop a positive image in the public eye.

Although the canine will never replace the police officer, the canine is a unique and sophisticated tool, which enhances law enforcement performance. Statistics have proven that "canine" offers an alternative to deadly force with fewer injuries and assaults on Police Officers. A canine can be recalled, but a bullet cannot.


Each Police Canine team is trained in the tactical application of the canine before ever being placed in an operational status. Canine handlers are able to assist in formulating plans for the action of effective canine applications, based upon the immediate circumstances of any given situation.

Examples of situations in which canine teams might properly be used are:

  • Building searches
  • Crowd control
  • Evidence searches
  • Lost persons
  • Narcotic searches
  • Searches in large open areas
  • Tracking of suspects

Public Service

Not only are the canine teams used in the area of law enforcement, but also in public demonstrations. The Canine Unit has given demonstrations to public and private schools, businesses and civic organizations.

On three occasions, the Canine Unit has sponsored the United States Police Canine Association training seminar, with more than 150 Officers from all over the U.S. and Canada in attendance. The Unit has also sponsored A Region Five USPCA Dog Trial and Narcotic Trials.

The support both from the City officials and the general public has been well deserved and most appreciated. With continued support, the Canton Police Department Canine Unit will continue its success in serving and protecting our citizens.